Luxury yacht

For the test a vibration source is positioned under below the sound meter. The vibration source is a small electric motor with an asymmetric weight to the shaft, which results in unbalance and vibrates. There is also made a measurement of distance, wherein the vibration source at point "C" were placed and the sound meter at point "E". This measurement is extra attention to the vibrating structures over longer distances and their impact on the noise. As can be seen in the table, the results have been impressive. Especially with the knowledge that every 3 dB difference is a halving of the noise level.

C t/m E83,165,5-17,6dBA


Because of the construction phase of the ship during the measurement, measurement A and B are performed on a flat truss against the hull. The other measurements were done on the flat floor with a greater span of the aluminum. The noise reduction is in this case considerably greater.

All measurements are peak measurements over 20 seconds, and an average of 3 measurements. Obviously, these measurements are indicative and not necessarily apply to other ships, structures and materials. The difference between the two measurements is much more important than the measurement itself. This test demonstrates that Decidamp SP150 significant noise reduction realized by preventing vibrations of the underlying material. This allows the comfort of the structure is increased (for example, yachts, vessel cabins) as well as the safety of people who have to work in such an environment (for example, work boats, offshore structures).

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