Vibrant material causes sound. Vans usually consist of unfinished steel plates creating a huge sound box. The paneling on the inside takes hardly this sound away.

In a van is a thin layer of 1.0 to 1.5 mm Decidamp SP150 sufficient to reduce vibrations in the construction. The audible sound during driving is reduced drastically. Suddenly you are well understood on the phone and you arrived save at the place of destination.

As an example, we have a Ford Transit 2.0 Dti 2014. We applied the cargo space fully with Decidamp SP150, including behind the paneling. We have done, noise measurements in different driving conditions before and after the treatment. For a good comparison was the van at both readings empty and without upholstery. This absolute measured noise is not so relevant, but the difference between the two measurements. That fact gives the actual effect of the anti vibration coating. The results are shown in the table.

All measurements are peak measurements over 5 seconds, and an average of 3 measurements.

50 km/u asphalt70,366,0-4,3dBA
80 km/u asphalt76,872,9-3,9dBA
100 km/u asphalt76,972,3-4,6dBA
30 km/u cobblestone74,366,4-7,9dBA
50 km/u cobblestone76,469,9-6,5dBA


The average difference between the two measurements amounts to 5.4 dB (A). Strength sound is progressive and halves for every 3 dB(A) that means remaining 35% of the audible sound by applying Decidamp SP150 and so 65% is reduced.

In addition to attenuation of sound, the coating has a slight insulating effect which temperature remains stable in the car and moisture hardly get a chance. The thermal conductivity is equal to 0.156 W.m2.K similar like softwood. The coating is corrosion resistant and has high impact resistance properties so that upon impact the metal panels are protected. Application of Decidamp SP150 contributes to good employment, better working conditions, more comfort and better concentration.

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