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Decidamp® Soundpaint is a fast drying, water based viscoelastic vibration damping compound. Optimised to suit marine and offshore applications, the advanced formula was developed for acoustic improvement of structures that are exposed to vibration and heavy impact.

Decidamp® SP150 damping compound is a fast drying, water based viscoelastic vibration damping compound. Previously known as Soundpaint, this advanced formula effectively absorbs and dissipates vibrational energy from the flexural stress of the base structures (steel, fibreglass and alloys) and reduces panel coincidence and resonance effects. Decidamp® SP150 is a lightweight, non-toxic structural damping material that is suitable for exterior and interior use. With exceptional fire properties and compliance to international fire codes it performs extremely well in Marine applications. Simply spray, roll or trowel onto surfaces requiring damping. Once dry, the cured film is UV, water and chip resistant and exhibits low combustibility.  Decidamp SP150 Soundpaint complies to latest international marine fire standards MED and is IMO/SOLAS certified.

A superior extensional damping compound with low-density properties it is the ideal choice for weight sensitive applications.


  • Advanced, non-sag formulation.
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces.
  • Water based - non toxic, solvent free, low VOC.
  • Excellent flame resistance, ignition retardant.
  • Designed for damping across broad temperature and frequency range.
  • Ideal for weight sensitive applications - light weight.
  • Reduces resonant vibration and eliminates, tinniness and ringing.
  • Easy application and clean up (Sprayable).
  • Can be painted/gel coated over, once cured.
  • Cures to chip resistant finish.
  • Fast drying formula.

Recommended applications

  • Marine: Boat hulls, ceilings, decks and bulkheads.
  • Machinery and industrial equipment enclosures.
  • HVAC, plant rooms, substations.
  • Exit ways, smoking areas, stairwells.
  • Stainless steel applications (sinks, bowls).
  • Hospital equipment.
  • Whitegoods and dishwashers.
  • Metal floors, deck roofing, wall cladding.


  • Complies to latest international marine fire standards MED and is IMO/SOLAS certified.
  • Water based, easy application and clean up.
  • Reduces structure borne noise for occupants.
  • Minimum weight for maximum performance.
  • Excellent flame resistance.
  • Suitable for outdoor exposure.
  • Ideal for weight sensitive applications.

Available in pail 20Kg and drum 300Kg.

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MED 96/98/EC Quality System Module B Certificate
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